Doesn't look like the quarter mil was worth it if not only do you have to use it all on attorneys, but now you'll also probably be unemployable as a result of all this. » 5/15/14 10:17am 5/15/14 10:17am

My god I used to live this. Even own that dinky Liquid Television DVD they put out awhile back with some of the best bits on it. And I do remember a website dedicated to LT going up recently but it was missing Stick Figure Theater, which was my favorite. » 5/15/14 9:53am 5/15/14 9:53am

Colbert. I like NPH but I would rather watch him actually perform, not just host other entertainers. Colbert already does his best from behind a desk. » 5/14/14 4:14pm 5/14/14 4:14pm

Tornado warnings? Fine. But you aren't going to convince me that CBS New York is doing us a service when they preempt television for 2 hours to go on about a snow storm that everyone is already aware of and that they aren't telling us anything new about. I'm not sure how many street corners they need to send their… » 5/13/14 1:44pm 5/13/14 1:44pm

When I saw that Koogler promo I remember thinking "OMG WHY isn't this a real thing???" and then a remembered that it pretty much was every 80s college-themed movie. But I still feel like Koogler would have been my favorite 80s college-themed movie. » 5/09/14 3:59pm 5/09/14 3:59pm

I am 100% pro-choice, and generally I find that things like this are none of my business. I respect her decision to do what she thought was best for her and have no problem with her having an abortion or filming it. However, I think it's interesting that you chose not to include her preamble that she did not protect… » 5/07/14 11:14am 5/07/14 11:14am

I am 100% pro-choice, and I generally find this stuff to be none of my business, so I have no problem with what she did here. But I have to admit this bothers me: » 5/06/14 2:26pm 5/06/14 2:26pm

I've always felt bad for this woman - hell, I'm sure many of us would be embarrassed if our 21-year-old fuck ups came to light on a national stage - but I do wish she would go away. Sometimes silence really is the best thing you can do for yourself. » 5/06/14 1:36pm 5/06/14 1:36pm